• “Newman Construction builds the highest quality homes.”

    • “Newman Construction builds the highest quality homes.”

    • “Newman Construction builds the highest quality homes.”

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Deep Energy Retro-Fitting Contractor | Washington

As a certified energy professional registered with the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources our home performance recommendations qualify you for tax incentives that otherwise would not be deductable. Addressing air sealing, insulation, lighting, window and door performance as well as HVAC opportunities are all deductable improvements based upon our recommendations.

The #1 reason for occupant discomfort is a poorly performing building envelope. High energy costs, asthma, allergy and comfort issues, are all related to the performance of the home’s envelope. We test and measure air infiltration levels. We’ll use infrared technology to locate, assess and address insulation performance. We’ll also evaluate heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment, as well as windows and doors. Which all have a big impact on how comfortable you feel in your home. The money saved over time from these improvements is substantial.

A Deep Energy Retro-Fit is especially cost effective when combined with an interior or exterior remodel. Don’t let a great opportunity get away without improving your comfort too.

Custom Home Builder | Washington

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