• “Newman Construction builds the highest quality homes.”

    • “Newman Construction builds the highest quality homes.”

    • “Newman Construction builds the highest quality homes.”

Our Services:

  • Construction Management
  • Custom Home Builder
  • Passive House Construction
  • Energy Consulting/Testing
  • Interior/Exterior Remodeling
  • Basement Renovation
  • Kitchens & Baths
  • Decks & Gazebos
  • Windows & Doors

Home Energy Auditor | Washington

Tired of being cold, hot, sweaty or dry inside your home? Tired of high utility bills? It doesn’t have to be that way. There is a treatable reason for such problems and we can find out what those reasons are. The whole home works as a system. We use specialized testing equipment to get a better understanding of what is happening and how to make meaningful improvements.

We are certified energy professionals registered with the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources. Our energy assessments are performed according to BPI standards.

The benefits of a more efficient home are many. Saving money on energy bills is just the beginning. When an energy audit is conducted we closely inspect the whole home and advise you on cost effective retrofits, how to improve comfort levels, and discuss the indoor air quality that could be causing asthma, respiratory or allergy problems. Every home is different. Instead of spending money on improvements that may not work find out what the real issues are in YOUR home.

Home Energy Audits | Washington

Newman Construction is a new home construction company that specializes in energy efficiency and home energy audits. Contact us with any questions about the services provided by our professional team.

Custom Home Builder | Washington

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