• “Newman Construction builds the highest quality homes.”

    • “Newman Construction builds the highest quality homes.”

    • “Newman Construction builds the highest quality homes.”

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Passive House Contractor | Washington

The term “Passive House” describes the world’s highest building standard which has been recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Energy as the most economical and logical path to a “Net Zero” building. A “Net Zero” building describes a home that produces as much energy as it consumes.

  1. Superior comfort. No hot or cold spots. No drafts. Upper floors are the same temperature as lower floors.
  2. Outstanding indoor air quality. No random air leaks. Only controlled, filtered air enters the home through a highly efficient heat/energy recovery system. This supplies the designed, proper volume of fresh air greatly reducing allergy and health issues.
  3. Durability. A home meeting Passive House standards has been designed using sound building science principles. It requires meticulous attention to detail during the building process. Passive House buildings are designed to last literally 100s of years.
  4. Affordable. Passive House buildings typically have very small additional building costs, but, due to their extremely efficient design and building details a conventional heating and cooling system is no longer needed. Heating and cooling is provided through a very small back-up system, reducing costs by 90 – 95% compared to that of a similar building built to just meet the building codes.

The building envelope is there for the long haul. Mechanical heating and cooling systems are expensive and must be replaced. Insulation is inexpensive and it lasts for the life of the building. Building to the Passive House standard is far more cost effective than solar, wind, hydro or other renewable energy systems. The comfort levels are outstanding and the savings are great.

Newman Construction & Energy Corp can work with you to have the most comfortable, durable, healthy and affordable home possible.

Green Home Builder | Washington

Indoor comfort at a low cost does not happen by accident. It must be planned, designed and, most importantly, properly executed. At Newman Construction we believe the efficiency and enjoyment of your home are just as important as it’s aesthetics. That’s why we use cutting edge construction methods and green technology to create a home that is beautiful, comfortable and efficient.

Net Zero Home Builder | Washington

Newman construction provides new home construction services for Washington and surrounding areas. Please contact us with any questions about our services or to schedule a consultation with our professional team.

Custom Home Builder | Washington

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